Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facebooking a Pregnancy

As we all know, nothing is official until it's on Facebook, or so they like to say.  And as impersonal as it can sometimes seem, it's the quickest way to let everyone big news like engagement or pregnancy.  Certainly, there are some people who shouldn't be told via the Internet, and I always make sure to delay announcing big events until they've been told, but for the majority of people I know, the Internet is how we keep in touch.

One thing I struggled with (and still do) is how much to talk about being pregnant.  Not because I want to go into too much detail (this IS the Internet, after all), but because I want to be sensitive to other people I know.  I have friends who have either suffered miscarriages (sometimes more than one) or who want to get pregnant and can't.  For the sake of their hearts, I don't want to rub in their face the fact that we're having a baby.  I know they're excited for us (because they've told me), but at the same time, in this stage of life where seemingly everyone is having a baby, I imagine there are twinges of jealousy when they read about yet another announcement.

At the same time, I have a lot of extended family and friends who live far away.  Facebook is how we keep each other updated and share pictures.  How do I keep them in the loop while not annoying my other friends?

This isn't something that will go away by the time the baby's born (and I surely won't have it figured out by then), but I guess that's all part of blogging and participating in things like the Internet, right?

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