Monday, June 28, 2010

Thanks, friends!

Thank you for all the congratulations...we are both so excited!  We're due Jan. 20th--I've learned that the first thing people want to know is when you're due.  Second, if they're a mother, they want to know how you're feeling and third, they want to know if you're going to find out the gender.

I'm feeling pretty good overall--tired (but that's to be expected) and nauseous, but I've only thrown up a few times, and really, I tell myself that "morning" sickness is good because it means that Higbaby (our nickname for him/her) is alive and growing. :)

No, we won't be finding out the gender.  Apparently people feel very strongly about this issue, so I'm sorry if we offended anyone with our decision. ;)

Prayers for a healthy baby would be much appreciated.  The threat of miscarriage has always scared me, so I'm just glad to be nearing the end of the first trimester (11 weeks along on Thursday!) when that risk drops dramatically.

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LeAnna said...

Came here via Hope Road, congrats on your pregnancy! My first was born on January 20th of 09, and we have #2 due at the end of October. Miscarriage is always a scary thing, but we just have to trust that the Lord knows what He's doing in all things. Oh, and be prepared! People will want to know what you're naming the baby, and get rather impertinent if you decide to keep it secret until the baby is born. :) Not that I'd know about that! Ha! :)