Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Girl With the Extra Finger

"Are you double jointed?" I asked 9 year old R, after seeing her fingers arranged in an unusual way.
"" she quickly moved her hand behind a book, but before she did, I realized what it was: there were two thumbs on her left hand.

"I think it's cool," I explained later to my husband, "but when you're in third grade it's pretty embarrassing."  I wasn't the only one to notice R's extra thumb.  Just today, A (seven year old boy) asked R several times "do you have two thumbs" and said to me "Teacher, why do some people have extra fingers?"  "They're just born that way,"I answered, and then reminded him that she (clearly) didn't want to talk about it.

The conversations did get me thinking, though-- is there something in myself or my life am I embarrassed of, but other see as cool?  What has God given me that I'm hiding, when it was meant to give Him glory?

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Mom said...

Very interesting life lesson....It has me thinking too!