Friday, April 23, 2010

My Other Full Time Job

I fully realize that this shouldn't be an issue because there are only TWO of us living in this house.  And not only are there just two residents, we're both legally adults who can drive, cook, clean and all those kinds of things. So what is so demanding of my time?

Clutter, people.  It's everywhere.  Everywhere.  I am pretty sure just organizing could be a full time job.   Sure, I can (and do) put things away daily and give the house a good cleaning on a weekly basis, but somehow, there is stuff every-freaking-where I look.  Those of you with small children may feel free to laugh and quietly say "she has no idea what she's talking about!"  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Okay.  As I said, it's everywhere.  But it's getting better.  We (okay, Chris) made a dump run last weekend, finally getting rid of our old mattress and box spring.  I recently purged/organized our spare room that had become the catchall since moving in, and then garnering even more stuff/junk since our basement had 3 inches of water in it on Maundy Thursday and its contents had to be emptied.

I've (finally) come to understand that purging/de-cluttering isn't something I can do a few times a year and call it good. No, it's bound to be a constant process of paring down and getting rid of things I don't need.  And really, that's good.  It forces me to be creative with what I have and give away what we don't use, all the while reminding me not to be too tied down to things of this world.

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