Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pro-life in action

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post by friends of ours whose story illustrates being pro-life (which is different than being anti-abortion) in a tangible, beautiful way.  

Here's Jenn's story (original link here):

I am so amazed though not surprised and incredibly humbled and grateful right now. We have been blessed with such a great circle of friends here. I sent out an email a few days ago explaining that Ryan and I are going to be starting classes next month to obtain our Foster Parent license so as to begin the Foster-to-adopt journey. It is 30hrs of classes, spread over 3 nights & 2 full saturdays. Since we don’t have any family in town to pawn the kids off on, the idea of arranging childcare was more than a little daunting. However, within 1 day all 5 ‘opportunities’ to babysit were filled by amazing friends! We still have to figure out when & where we’ll do the First Aid/CPR/blood borne pathogen training class, so the 2 folks who have expressed interest in helping out that haven’t been assigned a day to cover for us, might still have an opportunity. :) So thanks all of you who have so quickly and eagerly rallied. We are extremely grateful. …I’m sure we’ll need you around for a lot more than just babysitting!

I'm so excited for them as they begin this journey.  Their kids are excited, their church is excited and I know that God, too, is excited when His people reach out to kids who need love.

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