Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Love Him Because He...(#76-100)

76. Doesn't mind watching Olympic figure skating with me.
77. Likes it when I wear my hair in two braids.
78. Lives out his wedding vows.
79. Makes delicious omelets (just learned this last week!).
80. Respects me.
81. Cherishes me.
82. Goes on "emergency" chocolate runs.
83. Said that if we live in Africa, I can get a pet monkey.
84. Doesn't mind that I talk a lot about getting a cow.  (Her name will be Mabel, in case you were wondering.)
85. Prays for babies we know.
86. Wants a cool old truck.
87. Believes in the value of craigslist (buying and selling).
88. Wants to create a culture in our family that honors God.
89. Will be an amazing dad someday.
90. Likes (and reads) my blog.
91. Has lots of inside jokes with me.
92. Doesn't mind that his Christmas present is just now on its way (scheduled delay + major Amazon fail).
93. Plays Frisbee with me even though I'm horrible.
94. Likes to light candles.
95. Has a great smile.
96. Loves my family.
97. Encourages me in my homemaking gifts and pursuits.
98. Reads the Wall Street Journal every day.
99. Puts up with my hippie side.
100. Is the most amazing man God ever made. :)

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