Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Love Him Because He...(#51-75)

51. Listens to NPR, even though we both think they're way too liberal.
52. Wants a dog someday.
53. Compliments me about all kinds of things.
54. Promised to read the new story I'm writing, even though it's a genera he never reads.
55. Makes breakfast nearly every day.
56. Takes out the trash without being asked.
57. Doesn't mind that I'm apparently incapable of finely chopping vegetables.
58. Has changed me from someone who rarely made the bed to someone who can't stand an unmade bed.
59. Understands that I need more sleep than him and doesn't mind getting up before me on weekends.
60. During the week will sometimes turn off my alarm so I get a few more minutes of sleep.
61. Spent most of the weekend fixing a mess he didn't create in a house we don't own.
62. Opens the car door for me.
63. Holds my hand.
64. Is wise beyond his years.
65. Gives amazing backrubs.
66. Has never criticized a meal I've made.
67. Laughs frequently.
68. Cares deeply.
69. Is an amazing provider.
70. Likes to play games.
71. Is incredibly encouraging.
72. Is honest.
73. Knows how to have fun.
74. Is willing to help fold laundry.
75. Likes going to the library.

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