Sunday, July 19, 2009


Some girls change everything when they get married—last name, job, house, church, location, etc. While that certainly sounds fun and adventuresome, I was glad that there would be some familiar things in my life after getting married (church, and job, mostly). Ha. God has a sense of humor. With one swish of the pen, we’re moving! Now I’ll be one of “those” girls getting a new last name, address, church, job, bank, marital status (!!!), friends (hopefully there will be some of those), grocery store…everything. I’ll even have to learn to drive in the snow. (Y-town, beware!)

While it’s definitely sad to be leaving B-town (I’m pondering having our families and church as well as the mountains, ocean, parks and my favorite French bakery & cafĂ© move, too), Y-town holds a sense of excitement as we embark on a host of new adventures. It will surely be lonely (the days until I start work will be long, as Chris will be working and I’ll be unpacking), but that’s okay, because we know this is the best thing for us.

As scary as newness can be, two things are certain—God is going before us, and Chris is going beside me. And that, my friends, is all I need.

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