Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review: Holy Roller

I picked this book because it’s about a demographic with which I am quite unfamiliar. I’m not black nor Pentecostal, yet the author of the book is white and raised Evangelical-ish (sounds more like what I know).

The book goes into rather great detail about the personal histories of The Body of Christ Assembly’s pastor (Frederick Eddington), his wife (Diane) and the author herself. It also examines stories of several people in the church, whose lives have been changed by Jesus.

It’s been a few weeks since I finished the book (that’ll teach me to wait to review), but I do recall the story of the church’s battle with the city to keep their land for a building. It’s a great example of the body of Christ bonding together and standing as a community.

Though I did question a bit of their theology (particularly in the areas of demon possession and gifts of the Spirit), it was an interesting read. It was also a great reminder that it’s the big things that matter—Jesus, the Gospel, etc. I don’t need to get focused on the nitpicky details like I tend to do. I have a copy to give away, so first person to say they want it gets a free copy!

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