Sunday, August 31, 2008

In Which She Becomes Slightly More Hippie

It's already a well documented fact that I have a hippie streak in me--I don't wear shoes, for one, but lately, there have been a few other life choices that are increasing my hippie factor.

Paper towels
I have, for several years now, thought paper towels were, well, a waste. You use them once and then throw them away (or perhaps food recycle). Not too long ago, my roommates and I cut up old sheets and have a rag box to draw from. It works quite well--after once use, simply toss in the hamper, wash and they're ready to go again.

I figured that all the preservatives in store-bought mayo can't really be all that good for you, so thanks to the Mennonite cookbook, I made my own! It was a little soupy (must add oil slower next time), but I do intended to try it again. Cheaper than store-bought mayo, too, I believe. And it's just pretty fun to make your own.

If at all possible, I try to bike or walk instead of drive. It's good for me, and I figure that no one likes breathing emissions from my car. Plus, it's fun--and you can get a lot of quality time with your mp3 player, too!

This one really put me over the edge--I haven't used shampoo on my hair in over a month now. Instead, I'm using a baking soda paste (and was spraying the ends with apple cider vinegar). I did some research online and liked what people said about their hair after using it. Plus, can those chemicals really be that good for you? Shampoo is expensive, too, and I go through it quickly. I haven't quite mastered the art of it, but I think I'm getting there.

Who knows how long I'll keep up all of these things. Hopefully a long time, but maybe I'll end up marrying a man who can't stand homemade mayo or baking soda-ed hair or something equally tragic. ;)

So yeah, I have some hippie/Bellingham/granola/crunchy in me...but that's okay, right?


Isaacme said...

lol you need to get a bandana and rreally loose clothing.

Janel said...

ha, those things are so you....I'm ont sure that quite makes you granola...but close enough. :)