Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tips for a Good Life (or Your Best Life Now!)

Far from being a review of Joel Osteen’s book, I thought I would share some tips for enriching your life with my dear readers. They range from the mundane to the, uh, mundane.

1. Wash your hair in cold water. Hot water + your hair = bad news bears. Hot water strips the hair of moisture. As torturous as it may sound, using cold or lukewarm water really is best for your beautiful tresses.
2. Walk instead of drive. Saving gas + saving pollution + getting exercise + being outdoors + listening to podcasts (some of us don’t have cd players in our cars) = good times all around.
3. Use handsoap with lotion in it (or some form of moisturizing). We recently got some at work, and it has made a noticeable difference in how dry my hands are.
4. Eat lots of baked lentils with cheese. They are cheap, healthy and yummy. Recipe provided upon request.


Jacob said...

You forgot "Shaving while listening to the Ode to Joy movement of Beethoven's 9th."

Janel said...

you crack me up Elizabeth.

Isaacme said...

lol you need to work in CEF this summer. It just won't be the same with out you.