Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Internet and You

I've been thinking recently about our attention spans and how the Internet affects them. A recent article in Atlantic Monthly asks [rightfully so] "Is Google Making us Stupid?" and the Boundless Line blog talked about the article as well.

Without going into great detail [mostly because I'm at work and want to be home soon!], I think it's sadly true. Between the Internet where everything is just a click away, [gotta have instant gratification, right?] as well as short conversations on instant messaging and facebook, we've gotten used to having a conversation in snippets and having everything at our fingertips. At my workplace, we use instant messaging as a form of communication in the office, and without a doubt, the older people are, the longer their instant messages are. They're used to writing something with more than two lines, while the rest of us can't help but send four message with one sentence each. Heaven forbid we keep the other person waiting to know each and every thought!

In an attempt to reverse what could become a real problem, I'm trying to read more and be on the Internet less [an unstable Internet connections does wonders for this!].

There are some other avenues I'd like to explore--how t.v. fits into this, as well as the length of sermons in today's church [random, I know] but that's all I have for now.

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