Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Link time

Here are some links that have caught my eye lately.

Doxology and Theology--Mark Bertrand blogged about a quote I've seen attributed to Gordon Fee, and it's a good one.

$200 at!--You should all sign up for the givewawy, and use my referral number, 70848. If I win, I'll buy you at least one thing. I promise.

Word of the Day, theology style--I love words, so the invention of the Word of the Day e-mail feature has been great. Recently, I came across this blog, which puts a theological twist on daily words. It's a good way to expand your theological vocab. And I feel smart when I already know the word they feature.

Movies better than Books--Fredrica Matthews-Green goes out on a limb to suggest that Prince Caspian the movie was better than the book. While that particular tome has not been my favorite of the series, I did feel the movie left out some important pieces from the book. She has a list of books that were better movies near the end of the article and makes some rather daring suggestions.

The Shack--Tim Challies posts an extended review of The Shack. I haven't read the whole review, but the portion I did see looked good.

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