Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I know I've written on the subject of quizzing before, but it's so near to my heart that I wanted to write about it again. And because it's my blog, I can. :)

After spending a recent weekend at the Regional Bible Quizzing Tournament, I was thinking about quizzing and the influence it's had on my life. I don't think I would be underestimating anything to say that other than my parents and Awana (since that is how I first accepted Jesus), it has been the biggest spiritual influence on my life. Obviously, knowledge of the Bible has been huge. Thousands of verses have been committed to memory because of Bible quizzing, not just by me, but by hundreds (or rather thousands) of teenagers each year. That's powerful! Not only biblical knowledge, though, has been gained through quizzing. I've also learned that big goals, like memorizing books of the Bible isn't all that hard. I would wager that most of my friends in Bible quizzing memorized at least one entire book during their quizzing careers (and I don't mean they learned all 13 verses of 2 John, either).

Discipline, relationships (bonding over God's Word is powerful, friends) and Scriptural knowledge along with goal-setting and achieving have been lessons I've learned from quizzing, along with many others I've not yet seen the fruit of.

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Isaacme said...

Gods word is so important. Nice post. And we'll forgive you for repeating to topic.