Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny moment at work

I am back from the land of sunshine and friends, having returned to the land of...friends. And very little sunshine. I'm preparing a post with photos and such about my time in the Southwest, but I just have to share this funny anecdote from work today...
*Customer says something to his kids*
Customer to me: I'm Mr. Homeschool Dad today.
Me: Cool...I was homeschooled. Props to you.
Customer to kids: The lady I'm talking to was homeschooled.
Kid: Is she smart?
Customer to kid: Yeah, she works for this company so she's really smart.
Customer: Did you enjoy it?
Me: Yes, yes, I did.

Hopefully the fact that I managed to find gainful employment will reassure this man and his wife that homeschooling does, in fact, make for some smart kids.


Isaacme said...

yup, homeshooling leads to a dead end job at a second rate softwear company. Great, you just blew up all my expectations for life. Thanks.

Janel said...

that was so fun. I love that story.