Friday, March 21, 2008

This week

It's been a crazy week, friends. This is the first time since Sunday I've actually sat down in front of my computer. Work, other commitments and the events of Holy Week have left little time to relax, but that is alright. Life is good! I have been helping paint at church and now my roommate and I are doing some painting of our own. Pretty sure we will get to be good friends with Lowe's through this process--I've been there three times since last night. I enjoy painting (walls, that is), and I'm thankful I have some experience in this area.

We had a good Maundy Thursday service last night--it was good to just relax with people, and be encouraged as well. In the spirit of Holy Week, here are some articles and posts about it. I haven't read all of them, but hope to soon.

Good (?) Friday
Share Christ's Sufferings
I Love the Cross
Passion Week Geography

Coming soon: the review of a book I am halfway through and loving but haven't had time to finish yet.

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