Thursday, March 06, 2008

Music to my ears

(It's a misleading title, kids.) While I certainly enjoy listening to music, there are times I want something that will actually make me think (or laugh). In that vein of thought, I present to you some of my most frequently listened to podcasts/sermon sources. Certainly one can become "over-sermonized" and just like to have people talking in your ear...but when use properly, they can be a good source of encouragement, challenge and enjoyment.

Boundless Show--Each week the team of bloggers from Boundless Line put up a podcast featuring a variety of topics, ranging from culture to church to relationships...and usually back to relationships again. Their discussions on singleness are interesting, though, as are their other topics.

Radio Worldview (or That's Crazy Talk)--I feel I know half of the WVA staff (and have heard stories about the other half) and know the executive producer of the's only natural that I listen to said podcast as well. Bill and Jeff are crazy (as always) but have good and thought-provoking content about worldviews, culture, baseball, literature and everything inbetween. And there is plenty of making fun of Bill's age.

Mars Hill Church--the sermons of Mark Driscoll initially got me interested in the Acts 29 network of church, which in turn led me to my current church. Their website has a bevy of sermons on a variety of Scripture passages (they usually go through straight through books of the Bible, so that's mostly what you'll find, though there are some topical series).

Oikos--I use my church's sermon page to catch up on ones I've missed (happens when I teach Sunday School) and to listen to sermons again. You should all listen to Pete's sermon from 2.10.08 called "Be Ready."

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Jacob said...

I'm not sure "executive producer" is quite my title, but I'll take what I can get!