Wednesday, December 19, 2007

22 while 22

Each year around my birthday, I post a list of things I did for the first time during that year of life. The things range from the important to the utterly mundane. Here is this year's list, only about a week late. ;)

22 Things I did while I was 22...

1. Graduated from college. Barefeoot!
2. Bought my first car.
3. Got an honest-to-goodness real job, complete with a parking garage and company meetings.
4. Moved out of my parent's house.
5. Moved into a house 80+ years old (one of my life goals).
6. Found a new church and began the process of becoming a member.
7. Went on vacation to Seattle.
8. Went on vacation to White Rock (I promise I did more than go on vacation!)
9. Was stretched and grew a LOT during my summer job.
10. Learned more about computers than I ever thought I would.
11. Helped my wonderful grandparents celebrate their 60th anniversary.
12. Learned about God's goodness, mercy and faithfulness when my dad had cancer.
13. Joined a Community Group.
14. Visited a mosque.
15. Played with my church's worship team.
16. Actually learned how to make homemade bread.
17. Cooked meals for my family regularly.
18. Revisited my favorite childhood vacation spot--the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder
19. Bought an ESV Journaling Bible.
20. Discovered the amazingness that is Moleskine.
21. Bought a new (and working!) computer.
22. Found out that I type faster than the president of my company.


Janel said...

Wow, I'm surprised that I already knew most of that about you....I'm so glad we work together.

Isaacme said...

I'm sorry Donna, I didn't wish you happy birthday. So here it goes - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONNA!!! [a LOT late]