Monday, June 11, 2007

Good music you should all listen to.

Andrew Osenga, formerly of The Normals and currently of Caedmon's Call, recently put together a brilliant project of which you should all take advantage. He solicited song ideas from his readers and wrote six songs based on their ideas. The songs are simply him, a guitar and...his readers. They recorded small snippets of the songs which he used as background vocals. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Anyway, you can download the project [called Letters to the Editor, vol. 1] here. It's free, but you can paypal him some money if you wish. The 'liner notes' [an Adobe file] are also great to read [and have cool pictures]. I didn't participate in this project, but if he does another [and he will, by all indications], I fully intend to be a part of it. So download the album, send him a few bucks if you can, and enjoy good music.

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