Thursday, October 20, 2005

By now you've all heard...

...of the Duggar family, who recently welcomed their 16th child into the world. (Family website and CNN)

Many people have said that this family has too many kids and that they are being irresponsible. Let me rant on both of those points.

First off, how many kids a couple has is no one's business but theirs and God's. I also believe that as a general rule, there is no such thing as too many kids. Some couples should not have a lot of kids; if they know that they simply cannot parent a large number of kids well, then they should wisely limit their family size. However, many people could handle large families, and if they chose to have several children, let them! Children are a blessing from God, and if a couple wants to accept as many as the Lord gives them, who are we to say that God is blessing them too much?

Secondly, there is the issue of responsibility. Who's more responsible; a couple with 16 kids who live debt-free and have happy, healthy kids or a family with two kids who are living on welfare and have kids who run around getting in trouble with the law, doing nothing productive to contribute to society?

They're living debt-free and have a happy, healthy family. The Duggers with 16 kids, the Arndts with 14 kids (I'm friends with one of them) and many other families with lots of kids don't need our judgements of their family size. They need our friendship, love and support. If you don't/can't have kids, find a family with kids and help them...great training for the future and lots of fun, too! :)

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