Thursday, September 15, 2005

What's this? A rave?

So this blog is for rants and raves. I think I have the rants fairly well covered. Now for a rave.

American Sign Language (ASL) is pretty much the coolest language ever. I love that I can talk with someone who's 10 feet away, not yell and understand everything. I can fully communicate in a place like the library where you're supposed to be quiet. You can even communicate with a glass window in the way and not be guessing what the other person wants to say.

ASL is asthetically pleasing. It's beautiful to watch people communicate in that way, especially during musical worship. Something about using something other than your voice to praise God is amazing.

In addition to all this, you also get to learn about Deaf culture. Very cool culture.

Did I mention the added benefit of being able to converse in classes, especially ones where the teacher doesn't pay attention to what the students do? (My parents read, dad, ignore that part.) ;)

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