Friday, September 09, 2005

Christianity is everywhere...

This rant is the result of my recent venture to a coffee house. This particular place of business has been frequented by many a student from my school. Last year, however, the college purchased it, which has been wonderful because we can now use our meal cards there. Can we say "hoorary!" for "free" drinks?

Anyways, I was sitting there tonight, drinking my delicious peach smoothie when I noticed that they were playing Christian music ('worship music,' to be exact) and that really irked me. Even before the school bought the shop, it was still a Christian/wholesome atmosphere. I don't know if they previously played Christian music or not, but this was the first time I had noticed it.

Why did/does it irk me? Well, I couldn't help but picturing a non-Christian walking into the place and wondering what they would feel if they noticed the music was religous. Left out, exluded and uncomfortable were the words that came to my mind. Playing Christian music just seems to promote the mindset of being in a Christian bubble, and that this is a good thing. There isn't anything inherantly wrong with secular music, so why not play it? If someone walks into a building and hears Norah Jones as compared to FFH, won't they feel more at home with music they recognize?

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