Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Pom-Pom Game

I've been looking for some quiet time activities for Timmy to do, especially for when he stops napping but I want to encourage him to rest. Or when he needs to sit still someplace...or I need a break. While visiting some friends over Christmas, I saw something similar to this and combined a couple of Pinterest ideas and came up with The Pom-Pom Game.
The Pom-Pom Game

I took an old sour cream container and removed the writing with nail polish remover (thank you, Pinterest). I debated covering it with some scrapbooking paper or even painting it, but then decided to just go simple and used stickers.

Next I made pom-poms in a variety of colors. Then I cut holes in the lid for them to be stuck in the container. I had to make them a little bigger than I planned, since Timmy's fingers tended to get stuck.

Timmy loved it and proceeded to refill and empty it at least four times in a row. I love that I was able to make it with things I already had on hand and that it's been enjoyed already!

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Bethany said...

Nice work, yo!

Also, keep trying to post this comment but blogger doesn't believe I am not a robot. I AM ALIVE, I SWEAR.