Monday, September 13, 2010

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I'm frugal.  Call it my Scandinavian genes, my upbringing or what have you, but I love getting good deals on things. Now, there are some things I've learned the hard way to pay more money for (example: off brand Chex taste like cardboard, IMO), but overall, I'm an off-brand girl.  It's certainly a skill that has served me well, and I know Chris appreciates it.  (It's also fun and slightly addicting.)

A week or so ago, Andrew Peterson wrote a series on money at the Rabbit Room, and part three ("Suggestions to Chew Upon") really struck a chord with me.  (Forgive the poor musical pun.)  The second item on his list is to better what you can.  This plays into my frugal nature, because let's be honest, Amazon is pretty much the cheapest place to get anything.  But, if I buy Andrew's music from Rabbit Room, he gets more of that money.  Which means he can better support his family.  And I'd rather that my money went to help the Peterson family buy groceries rather than support Jeff Bezos' fourth house (slight exaggeration...I think).

Etsy is another great example.  I could go to Target and buy a purse for $20, or I could go to Etsy and get one for $30.  At Etsy, however, my money is going to the person who actually made it.  And as someone who would like to eventually sell things on Etsy, that's cool!

Is it possible to go overboard as a "locavore" in budgeting our money wisely?  Absolutely.  I do realize there needs to be a balance.  But when it comes to things I have more control over (like music that I buy), why not purchase it directly from the artist himself, and support him in his calling?  (Or her...I'm not sexist, promise!)  Especially as someone who has a great respect for Christian artists who are making quality music today, I feel it's my God-given duty to support those who are proclaiming truth, even if it costs me a bit more.

P.S. You really should read all of AP's series on music, found right here (you may need to scroll down).

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