Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I Married Him

Disclaimer: this isn't really why I married Chris, but it's certainly a wonderful benefit!

I don't like spiders.  Especially inside my house.  Outside?  That's where God intended for them to be.  I've lived in my fair share of places that had spiders inside (prompting, at one point, my then roommate and I to declare "this is why we need husbands!!"), but I really hate killing them.

However, I'm now married to a man who doesn't mind disposing of spiders.  The only problem is that he has a job (okay, that's not a's a blessing!) but he's not home to kill them for me!  So I take matters into my own hands.  Sort of.  This is a chat transcript from our little conversation yesterday:

meremember that one time when we were engaged and I killed a spider and left it for you to clean up?
 Chris: yes...
 me: it was so much fun, I thought you might enjoy reliving it ;)
 Chris: ok
  no problem
 me: thanks :)
  it was a big one
  but I didn't scream ;)
 Chris: nice

Oh, how I love him. :)

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