Thursday, April 08, 2010

Grandma Says

When my Grandma was 18, she wrote her autobiography as part of a school assignment. I don't know who her teacher was, but I'm thankful that s/he made them do this particular assignment!  I read most of it on our way back from Easter weekend and found it incredibly fascinating.  I was amused to read the list of her favorite names (none of which were given to her own children) and the added pages about their wedding were so much fun.  The chapter called "The Christ, the Church and I," contained this quote which  I found to be incredibly relateable and very true.

"Though I know so well that Jesus is the only name named under heaven whereby we can be saved, my greatest difficulty is to permit Him and Him alone to save me.  I understand the work of the combination of faith and works in sanctification but too often I bring the two together in reply to the requirements for  justification."

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