Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Love Him Because He... (#1-25)

When Chris and I were dating, I made him a book of 100 things I liked about him and gave it to him on our 100th day of dating. Our 100th day of marriage has long passed (seriously people, these months are flying by), but I (with his approval) am going to be doing a list of 100 Things I Love About My Husband on my blog (probably in segments of 20-25 because I always think of more as I go along).  Don't worry, I'll keep it G-rated. ;)

I love my husband because he...

1. Isn't embarrassed to kiss me in the parking lot at his work.
2. Likes listening to Narnia at night.
3. Makes up songs about lots of random things.
4. Is incredibly good looking.
5. Takes care of me when I'm sick.
6. Is humble.
7. Encourages me to be more like Christ.
8. Is always reading several books.
9. Reads his Bible every morning.
10. Loves me.
11. Does the dishes every night.
12. Doesn't mind it when I put meals on the menu that he knows he'll make.
13. Makes killer mashed potatoes and gravy.  I seriously won't even try to make them, because his are so good.
14. Married me!
15. Designed the most beautiful engagement ring in the world.
16. Is quick to apologize.
17. Dreams big.
18. Is the most patient man ever.
19. Understands that I still miss B-town.
20. Is always willing to try new food, even if it's something he hasn't liked in the past.
21. Is okay with my doing some 'crunchy' things (next up: homemade deodorant!)
22. Puts up with my music, even though our styles are pretty different.
23. Gives me the $10 prize for second place in a beauty contest whenever we play Monopoly (and says that I should win first).
24. Buys me flowers when I'm sick.
25. Encourages me to pursue my dreams.

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