Friday, September 26, 2008

In Which She Is Not a Typical Girl

I am very thankful that God made me female and not male.  Generally, I’m a pretty feminine person—I have long hair, wear jewelry and it’s not too rare to see me in a skirt.  There are a few ways, though, in which I buck the trend of being a typical girl.

The stereotype of having a million shoes in a million colors is not something I prescribe to, although I do admit to having several pairs of Old Navy flip-flops in a variety of colors.  I don’t even have the same shirt in four different colors!

The concept of the purse makes me shudder.  Only recently was I given a purse that I like and can almost enjoy carrying around.  Ever since I was of Purse Carrying Age, I’ve found them annoying and tried for a long time to avoid it, but before too long, having to carry keys, a cell phone, wallet and such got to be too much so I succumbed to this phenomenon.

This probably relates to my hippie streak more than anything else, but I don’t use a hair dryer.  Almost ever.   (The times I have, my hair usually gets caught in them, which doesn’t bode well for our relationship).  Hair dryers are incredibly bad for your hair (heat + hair = bad) and they take more time than I’m willing to spend in the mornings (especially when you have a lot of hair).  My coworkers and friends have gotten used to seeing me come to work with wet hair, and I enjoy knowing that I’m not frying my hair every single day.

So no, I'm not a very typical girl in some aspects, but whoever said normal was good? ;)

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