Sunday, January 27, 2008

12 bowls of salsa later

Today my church celebrated our third anniversary, and what a party it was. :) We had a grand time, even those who helped plan it got to enjoy themselves. We had a salsa competition [food, not dance], photo scavenger hunt, toasts to the leaders [whom we made wear massive sombreros], potluck and pinata. Such a good time! And after it was over, everyone pitched in to help clean-up in a record time.

As I sat during the potluck holding Gracie [seven months], I was looking around at the faces thinking about how dear these people had become in just a few short months. I first visited Oikos around July of '07 and started coming regularly at the end of August or beginning of September. I didn't know a soul when I first came, but now I feel at home here. Thanks to events like a women's retreat and involvement in Community Group, the music team and Sunday School, I've gotten to meet some amazing people who also call Oikos home.

It's an honor for me to gather there weekly with other like-minded people to glorify God corporately. I am thankful for the leaders, who take their responsibilities seriously, but also let us do fun things like dress them up in sombreros. I'm thankful that their passion is to glorify God in everything that happens. I'm thankful for the excellence with which everything is approached, the way kids are loved and cherished by everyone, not just their parents, how the Word of God is preached without fail and how we are continually pointed to the Cross. I'm thankful for the laughter and warmth I experience when I walk in. Even more so, I thank God that He brought me here and allows me to be a part of such an amazing church.


Isaacme said...

Church bodies and the fellowship of beleivers are an amazing thing!

Janel said...

I'm so glad you are at a church you feel passionate about. That is so neat.

Daniel S said...

But how was the salsa?