Friday, August 11, 2017

Here We Go Again! (2017-18 Homeschool year)

I'm probably less nervous than I should be about having a fourth baby. I guess I figure that if the first three babies are weaned, potty trained and sleeping through the night I'll somehow manage to get there with the fourth as well. However, I am nervous about having a baby in the fall. Baby Flip Flop is due right around the time that Classical Conversations, Awana and Bible Study all start, so jumping back to our regular school year routine with a newborn is going to be a piece of cake, right? ;)

We started Math and Phonics last week so that we can take some time off once baby's born but not have to do school until the middle of next summer. We'll somehow make it to CC (I'm hoping) which will cover History, Geography, Art, Science and Public Speaking. For Awana, I'll be thrilled if all three kids finish their books this year. They'll all be in different books, and none of them can read, so having them all learn their verses each week is going to be a challenge. Timmy's well on his way to reading, though, and Isaac already knows most of his verses after hearing Timmy learn them last year, so that helps.

Here's what I have planned for each kid. Subject to change, of course.

Timmy (1st grade)
Math: Continuing with Math U See, he'll be doing Alpha this year.
Phonics: Last April we switched to Logic of English and we love it. He ended the year about halfway through Foundations A, so we'll back up a few lessons for review and keep plugging away.
Handwriting: We started Handwriting Without Tears last year and he is currently in the yellow book. I think he'll finish that and make good progress in the blue book this year.

Isaac (Kindergarten)
Math: He'll be starting Math U See Primer and is very excited to use the manipulative blocks.
Phonics: I bought him a copy of the LOE workbook last year, though he wasn't super consistent in sitting in on Timmy's lessons, so we're going to start again from the beginning.
Handwriting: I decided to have Isaac start LOE's handwriting since it's included in the phonics book. He's doing well, for a 5 year old perfectionist. ;)

Both boys
History: We're focusing on American History in CC this year, and I have some fun stuff ordered, like State Capital Sequence, a puzzle of the presidents and of course, lots of books.
Science: Anatomy and Chemistry are the focus, so lots of hands on models and activities will supplement our CC memory work.
Geography: We're going to work on drawing the US, and that includes me learning, so wish us luck.
Fine Arts: Included in CC this year. We may start the boys on piano lessons after Christmas, depending on how that whole 'life with a fourth kid' thing is going.
Read Alouds: I haven't planned them for the entire year yet, but so far we're reading Runaway Ralph, which will be followed by Stuart Little, Johnny Tremain (after I read it to make sure it won't be too far above their heads), The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Ralph S. Mouse. I'm hoping they'll fall in love with Narnia, and if they do we'll read more of those. If they're too scared (very possible) we'll shelve them for awhile. My guess is that much of the time I'm nursing the new baby will also be spent reading aloud, and I am looking forward to it.

Lydia (age 3)
I firmly believe that three year olds don't need formal schooling, but she was in tears this summer because she doesn't know all her phonics, so...we'll see. Maybe she'll teach herself to read or something like that.