Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Boy or Girl?

As I mentioned before, I'm pretty convinced this baby is a girl. With Timmy and Isaac, I craved orange juice like it was going out of style, but this pregnancy? I've had one, maybe two glasses total. What I have been craving (and baby changes his/her mind with such alarming speed that I think it must be female) are baked potatoes (Gold Yukon from the Farmer's Market, please), roasted broccoli, creamy things such as White Chicken Enchiladas and pudding. Don't worry, there have also been random Taco Bell cravings, it's not all roasted veggies.

I was way more nauseous the first trimester, with the "morning" sickness not leaving until 15 weeks pregnant (which I interpret to mean that baby will be a week late).

But...we have two boys. What's to say we won't have a third? Plus the cousins on Chris' side go (in order of age) girl, boy, girl, boy, girl. So naturally we're having a boy to keep the pattern going. I know, my method is pure science.
Adding a third boy? Yeah, that'd be awesome.

For the record, I'm predicting a girl on May 20 (one week past my due date), but we will be happy with whatever God gives us.