Sunday, September 01, 2013

Nearly Done!

Funny how I never gave myself an end date for my goals. And since summer weather here doesn't end until October, it'd be easy to just keep working on my summer goals, but I am so ready for autumn. Fall activities are starting up and chances are that if we have you over for dinner this month, we'll be having soup.

And I've made good progress on my goals! The bathroom is done. I've finished all the birthday cards and (drum roll, please)...Isaac is sleeping through the night! It did involve letting him cry a little, but he did MUCH better than we expected the first night. Even now if he fusses during the night he puts himself back to sleep quickly. I'm able to get up with Chris in the mornings before he leaves for work and the boys are napping at the same time and going to bed at the same time as well. (Timmy usually wakes up first in the mornings, but Isaac has gotten a lot better at sleeping through Timmy's daily singing of the Veggie Tales theme song.) Sleep is a wonderful thing.

Last week was much better in the working out department, and in the grain-free breakfast area. Still need to convince myself to make eggs more often instead of being lazy and making toast.

The toys have been purged and most weeks we've done something fun, even if it's been simple like a park playdate.

Although I've read 10 books, only about half of them were on my list. I've also read Dad is Fat, Pretense, The Honest Toddler's Guide to Parenting and a couple others I forgot about. I'm about halfway through rereading Redeeming Love. I've also realized that making a list of the exact books I want to read isn't very helpful for me. I'm (apparently) a distracted reader, i.e. "ooo, this book looks good!" or "I forgot I placed a hold on that one..." so I think next time I'll just set a goal of a certain number of books, possibly deciding how many per genera.

I've started brainstorming some goals for fall, and I'll blog them when it's fall...aka, not 90 degrees outside.