Sunday, February 17, 2013

"I thought about blogging, too."

Those were my words to Chris when he told me he was thinking about starting a blog to document his boat building progress. I decided to do one step better, though, and actually blog. Please, don't die from shock. We are all alive and well here, filling our days with the world's cutest boys, books, diapers, nursing, running, church, Bible study, knitting, crafting, cooking, cleaning and even on occasion sleeping.

Sadly, I am currently blogging from the touch pad which means lots of typos and (worst of all) no pictures of said adorable children. Just take my word that they are darn cute. Isaac is crawling now, putting everything into his mouth, which sometimes includes food but more often than not is something I have to fish out before he swallows it. (Actually, he is a good little eater, thanks to my new BFF, Baby-Led Weaning.) He's nearly 10 months old, a fact which just about sends me into shock.

Timmy would spend all day in the garage with Chris if he could. He's obsessed with saws, trains, trucks, music (specifically the flute and guitar), his Songs for Saplings CD, Duplos and balls. Despite being all boy, he loves helping me the kitchen and will still snuggle us, given the appropriate amount of tiredness and stuffed animals nearby. He turned 2 last month, and I really do have a post about his party nearly finished.

Chris built amazing bookshelves for our living room and is currently working on an entryway unit to house our coats, scarves, shoes, etc. He also allows me to beat him in Settlers from time to time. He's a wise man, my husband. We celebrated 3 years of marriage in September, and I'm thankful for every day by his side.

If I could compose, edit and add pictures to all the posts I write in my head, this blog wouldn't be so neglected. Alas, my time at the computer is usually spent on Pinterest or actually typing a response to an email instead of pecking it out on my phone. Evenings are my crafting and knitting time and when you have a house still begging to be made home, the projects are endless but (mostly) enjoyable. Who knows, maybe I'll finally get better about blogging and even update my currently reading sidebar. Now that would be a miracle!