Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where I've Been

Two weeks ago now, we moved! This move has definitely been the most challenging (ripping up linoleum anyone?), but also the most exciting (we own!). The house is starting to feel more like home each day, and I got almost giddy the other night when I asked Chris to hang pictures in Timmy's room and he was able to pound nails in the wall.

Loving some Pinterest inspiration

Speaking of Timmy, he loves our new place. Freedom to crawl everywhere (no stairs) and a yard! He's getting much better at standing on his own, and playing independently, too.

A little morning reading

I know I said Baby2 had a name, but we're not quite so sure now. It depends on the day if we've settled on one or not. I'm currently voting that we wait until he's born and see if he looks like a ____ or ____.

Back to searching Pinterest menu planning!