Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back (And Items of Note)

 How many times can a blogger declare she's back from an unintended break before it comes true? Christmas was a wonderful time of family and friends. We came back tired but ready to embark on our next adventure--home ownership!

We got the keys last Thursday and so far have cleaned, removed/prepped all the doors, drawers and cabinets for painting, put the first coat on the doors and ripped up the dining room carpet. And yes, I get tired just looking at the list of what we've done. Hopefully the painting will be done by the weekend. That, along with installing laminate flooring and putting up curtains are on our pre-move in list. So, so excited to live in a house that we own. One that has space for entertaining, a larger garage, no stairs and a real yard. Meanwhile, any spare evenings are spent at the new house and I've come to accept that easy meals and two slightly chaotic residences are just life right now.

A week from Thursday my little boy will be one year old. Yikes. He's not walking, but loves to stand and does pretty well on his own. Cheerios are his new favorite food. Other favorites are his finger puppet books, blocks and teddy bear or fuzzy lamb, depending on which stuffed animal is clean. ;)

Baby2 (who has a name, but we're keeping it a secret) is doing well. Somehow the third trimester sneaked up on us like crazy; yesterday was 27 weeks!