Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Of a Husband's Grace

At just about 14 weeks pregnant, I'm starting to have this strange sensation known as "energy."  As any other mom can tell you, pregnancy is exhausting like nothing else.  I never knew that doing normal life (or even doing nothing) could make a girl so. stinking. tired.

Between that and the fact that I've been working outside with 50-60 kids, 8 hours a day in 80-90 degree heat...let's just say that responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning haven't been getting the attention they deserve.

Thankfully, my husband is amazing.  From cooking dinner to not minding that all I could make was pasta to letting me sleep in, he has been wonderful at caring for me (and thus caring for our child) and never getting upset that the house wasn't in perfect shape or meals were rather boring.  I'm so thankful that Chris has been way more patient and understanding than I ever imagined.

I could, if I wanted to, try to "repay" Chris for all he's done these last three months.  But marriage isn't a tally list of who helped who more, nor is that the correct response to the larger grace of God I've been shown.  I don't try to pay back Chris (or the Lord), instead, I joyfully accept what I've been given, and use that to spur me on in love and good works.