Thursday, May 14, 2009

Planning vs. Preparing

As I alluded to in my last post, life has suddenly become a delightful whirlwind of wedding planning, moving and preparing for marriage.  Lately, I’ve been struck by the difference between planning for the wedding (one day) and preparing for marriage (the rest of our lives).  In planning, we look for a location, make invitations, dress shop and scheme about flowers and colors.  Preparing, on the other hand, means lots of prayer, talking with other married people, reading books, pre-marital counseling, working out a budget and finding a place to live.  (In retrospect, deciding between sunflowers and Gerber daises for a one day event is pretty superficial when you’re also trying to learn how to be a wife.)

Our wedding day will be a pretty well pre-planned day.  We’ll eventually know who will be there, where it is and what time it starts.  Marriage, though…who knows about that.  Only God knows all the details of that future, and though we can plan for that all we want (where we live, when to have kids, etc.), it’s ultimately in His hands.  That’s why I’m glad we’re preparing for marriage while being careful to leave our plans in God’s hands, as He’s in control of the plans we make for our wedding day as well as preparing us for our marriage that follows.

Monday, May 04, 2009


I've suddenly been thrown into the whirldwind world of wedding planning and am loving it...location? date? colors? bridesmaids? invitations?  These are all things spinning in my head right now.  But first, the story of our engagement...

Friday, May 1, 2009

I got to work a few minutes before 6 am 

(like normal) and was getting ready to start the day when Bethany (my roommate/coworker) informed me that we needed to run an errand for Swilson (the receptionist) and that I n

eeded my purse. Weird, but I grabbed it and we ran downstairs and outside. Who should come out of the parking garage and walk across the street but Chris! I was so surprised to see him and thought that he had maybe just come to say good morning (since I didn't know if I would see him that day), but after saying good morning (well, my first words were “what are you doing here?”), he asked if I wanted to go take pictures of the tulips. I said yes, but made sure he knew that I was supposed to be at work. He said not to worry about it...I thought he might propose, but I

 also thought that maybe we were just going out to breakfast or something like that.

We got into the car and headed to possibly the most beautiful park in Bellingham. The sun was just finished rising and the water was was beautiful. We took some pictures,and then he got down on one knee, opened a box with the most beautiful ring ever (I can't stop staring at it) and asked me to marry him. I didn't cry, but I was pretty much speechless and wasn't sure my “yes” was very audible, so I nodded vigorously

 and said “yes” again.

After that, we went out to breakfast and then really did go to the tulip fields. Chris had arranged for me to have the whole day off work, so we also got to take the ferry to an island and walk around a town there.

It was an fabulous day, my friends, and I still can't believe that we are getting married!!