Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Evening Tradition

Whenever Chris and I hang out in the evenings, we make it a point to read Morning and Evening together before going our separate ways.  I’ve come to love this time and always look forward to it.  Last night’s reading was especially fabulous, so I thought I’d share…

We must not cease to wonder at the great marvels of our God. It would be very difficult to draw a line between holy wonder and real worship; for when the soul is overwhelmed with the majesty of God’s glory, though it may not express itself in song, or even utter its voice with bowed head in humble prayer, yet it silently adores. Our incarnate God is to be worshipped as “the Wonderful.”

That God should consider his fallen creature, man, and instead of sweeping him away with the besom of destruction, should himself undertake to be man’s Redeemer, and to pay his ransom price, is, indeed marvellous! But to each believer redemption is most marvellous as he views it in relation to himself. It is a miracle of grace indeed, that Jesus should forsake the thrones and royalties above, to suffer ignominiously below for you.

Let your soul lose itself in wonder, for wonder is in this way a very practical emotion. Holy wonder will lead you to grateful worship and heartfelt thanksgiving. It will cause within you godly watchfulness; you will be afraid to sin against such a love as this. Feeling the presence of the mighty God in the gift of his dear Son, you will put off your shoes from off your feet, because the place whereon you stand is holy ground. You will be moved at the same time to glorious hope. If Jesus has done such marvellous things on your behalf, you will feel that heaven itself is not too great for your expectation. Who can be astonished at anything, when he has once been astonished at the manger and the cross? What is there wonderful left after one has seen the Saviour?

Dear reader, it may be that from the quietness and solitariness of your life, you are scarcely able to imitate the shepherds of Bethlehem, who told what they had seen and heard, but you can, at least, fill up the circle of the worshippers before the throne, by wondering at what God has done.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Journaling

Confession time: I’m a journaling nerd.  I’ve journaled (nearly) every day for the last 10+ years, only missing a handful of days (yes, I am a creature of habit).  What started as a fun record of what happened during the day turned into a daily habit that has become a part of who I am.  As someone who processes life by words (especially writing), it’s become invaluable as I have matured and life has thrown some curve balls, both good and bad.  Writing down my thoughts and feelings each day helps me organize them in a (relatively) sane manner, and gets my emotions under control.

When I’m feeling stressed/overwhelmed about life, my preferred cure is to grab my pen, Bible, journal and head to a coffee shop.  There, sipping my non-coffee beverage and sitting in an overstuff chair, life seems to have some order and the chaos reigned in as my thoughts spill onto the pages in front of me.

My old journals currently reside in a box under my bed, and reading through them is always amusing, embarrassing and encouraging.  Amusing in the sense of “did I really like that boy?” or “I don’t remember that happening!”  Embarrassing because I was really, really immature (really), and encouraging because I can tell I have matured, and hope that I will continue to do so (and that my journaling will reflect that). 

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Behind the times

I've realized recently (with great embarrassment) that my blog colors and blog quote are both summer themed.  Good intentions will only get you so far in trying to keep your blog seasonally appropriate.

Maybe I should switch to something a bit more timeless...